What is better to treat dark circles?

Eating habits to remove dark circles:

1. If you have dark circles caused by poor liver function, you need to eat more green vegetables such as shrimp and celery, and you should eat more citrus fruits.

2. Drinking a cup of red jujube water every day can help speed up blood circulation, reduce blood stasis accumulation, and reduce dark circles caused by anemia instructors.

3. Drink a standard radish juice or tomato juice in the morning,美容覺 the carotene contained in it has the function of eliminating eye fatigue.

4. Drink plenty of clean water to effectively discharge waste from the body, reduce the chance of accumulation, and also reduce dark circles. It is best to drink 8 cups a day.

5. 5. Lack of iron and vitamin C can cause dark circles under the eyes, so you should take more nutrients in this area, such as noodles, rice, pork liver, spinach, tomatoes and other foods.

The above effect is particularly good. I don’t have dark circles anymore.

1. Maintaining adequate sleep and correct supine sleeping position for students is better than a variety of cultural nursing research methods.

2. Correct your own bad eating habits. Don’t take in salty foods and foods that are too irritating. Don’t smoke or drink too much.

3. Treat chronic diseases in time, strengthen nutrition, and appropriately supplement vitamin C, A, E.

4. Dark circles are caused by poor blood circulation. 黑眼圈眼膜Acupoint massage helps to clear up the blood vessels; apply eye massage cream or eye nutrition cream on the skin around the eyes to improve blood supply. Use your ring finger to press the boy Liao (in the tail of the eye), behind the ball (in the middle and outer 1/3 of the lower orbit), Sibai (in the middle and inner 1/3 of the lower orbit), Jingming (inside and above the inner canthal angle), Yuyao (for the eyebrows) Center), Yingxiang (outer side of the nose), press each acupoint for 3-5 seconds and then relax, do it 10 times in a row. place the middle finger on the upper eyelid and the ring finger on the lower eyelid. Gently pull and massage from the inner canthus to the outer canthus, consecutively. Use the tip of your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger to flick around the eye 3-5 circles.

5. Gentle warm compresses-warm compresses help promote blood circulation. Use a soft cotton towel to soak in warm water and wring out, then spread on the upper eyelid for 2-3 times. The water temperature should not be too hot because the eyelid skin is thin and overheated. It will make the skin loose and wrinkle.

6. If you often make-up, be sure to use a special liquid emulsion for the eyes to remove eye makeup, especially the eyeliner and eyelashes. Do not let the pigment of the cosmetics penetrate into the eyelids, otherwise the eyes will look like a black circle. You should use special eye cosmetics, not facial cosmetics.

7. If dark circles have formed under the eyes, you can cover them with cosmetics: 黑眼圈改善(1) On the face with good foundation, use the tip of your ring finger to gently pat the cream that is slightly lighter than the skin, and apply it evenly. (2) Sweep the transparent dry powder with a cosmetic brush so that it is more reliable and lasting. (3) Apply light yellow on the back third of the brow bone to increase the look of the eyes. (4) Choose a moderate color eye shadow and apply it lightly. If the skin is white, you can use gray; if the skin is yellow, you can use a light yellow; and pink and purple eye shadow products will only emphasize dark circles, which is inevitable. . (5) Draw eyeliner only. If you want to modify the eye shape, you can only draw it lightly with a charcoal gray flat-tip eyeliner. After our modification, your dark circles will not be too obvious.

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